Art in my Heart

We want to hear about your most loved piece of art.

Maybe it’s a sculpture, like Compton Verney’s Heavenly Horse. Created in China between 206BC and AD 220, this large horse was intended to pull the owner into the afterlife. It is made entirely of bronze and stands at over a metre high.

Over at the Potteries Museum in Stoke, audiences enjoy meeting Ozzie, an owl slipware jug around 350 years old who charmed Henry Sandon on BBC television’s Antique Roadshow.

Perhaps you prefer to be part of the art, like at Ikon Gallery’s famous singing lift. Dreamt up by Turner Prizewinner Martin Creed, the gallery sings to its visitors – impossible to resist.

Tell us your most loved piece of art, or best day out at a gallery, at #artinmyheart.